Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Games&Girls" Released on Steam!

A game I composed the music for has been released on Steam.
It's a fun, short romance game about, what else? Games and girls!

Click the image to check it out!

So, usually with romance games it's kind of difficult for me to figure out a fresh instrumentation style that will shake things up a bit while also remaining upbeat or wistful. With this game, I used pretty much 90% synth-based instruments, to bring to mind arcade-style music.
The "instrument landscape" was full of piercing bell synths and choirs, to give it an interesting texture. Also, since gaming was a main focus, I was able to use some recordings of me typing on my keyboard as percussion, kind of similar to The World God Only Knows opening — which this score takes a lot of inspiration from, come to think of it.

The score includes:
1. Main Menu Theme
An oddly epic main menu theme that hopefully gets you pumped about a quiet slice of life game!
2. Daily Life
I'm usually asked to do a Daily Life track, and I have to say, I think this one turned out pretty good.
3. Romantic
I almost fell into the same trap that I did with Aozora Meikyuu — making it more creepy than romantic on the first pass. I guess that says a lot about me. Shut up, Sigmund Freud!! Anyway, I worked very hard on this one, since converting it from "creepy" to "romantic" was a little harder than I thought. I think my work paid off though.
4. Sad
I watched a bunch of sad scenes online to look for hints about how to make something sound absolutely devastating. However, since this is supposed to be a cute game, I added a dinky music box to the sweeping strings. Fun fact: I made two version of this theme. A simple one with only piano and music box bell sounds, and a larger one with the "stirring strings". I'm glad the second one was chosen, because I liked that one the best too.
5. Fun Life
Another tricky balance of a sad melody set to a bouncy beat. I hope it worked!
6. Sirrah's Theme
Just a fun track, with a nice little b-section where all the instruments go 8-bit.
7. Sensual
I'm not always sure what to do here, so I relied pretty heavily on my reference. Good thing I didn't have to work with Logic's terrible saxophone again (like I did on Aozora Meikyuu).
8. Credits
Since this track is at the end and almost nobody listens to it, I was able to do something weird and fun. Maybe I should've brought the main theme back. But that would've been kind of lazy.

Anyway, this is the third game with my music released on Steam so far. Hopefully my own project winds up there. Anything is possible.

— Odd.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Album: Fate!

Yes, Fate is finally here! You can hear what it sounds like using the player above, or go to this link:

This album took the longest by far, mostly because I've been very busy with other projects. However, somehow, it got done! And now, some statistics for you...

This is my thirteenth Epic Trax album overall, and the third album in SERIES 2.
 Fate is 38 minutes long, which makes it the second-longest Epic Trax album (the first being Crown).
The combined length of all the Epic Trax albums is 6 hours and 53 minutes.
The total number of tracks is 167.

I won't pretend all of those tracks are good — or most of them, really. But that's still pretty impressive. So, what now? Will there be another Epic Trax album?

The answer is yes, although it will take more time than usual, like this one did. Making these albums helps me grow as a composer and keeps my skills sharp for soundtrack commissions. There is a downside, though, which is that these tracks tend to take a very predictable format. The way I compose them is basically in sections, completing one section of the song and then moving to the next section. That's always how I've worked. With the next album, I want to try composing more horizontally, which should be interesting.
As usual, I can't give a deadline, but it'll be along soon.

Thanks for listening,
– Odd.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Album: Crown!

Click the image to go to the album!

Well, it's here and for once it's not a complete failure. I feel like Wolf had a lot of tracks that weren't really that good, with a few exceptions. This album is a lot more focused. I made sure to weed out all the really bad tracks on this one.

Check out the album sampler below to hear bits of a few tracks from the album.

 -- Odd.

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Album: Wolf!

The eleventh album of Epic Trax has landed, with 32 minutes of music! I'm sorry it took so long, I've recently been involved with two new exciting visual novel projects and that took time away from the album. Click the image above to go to the album!

You may remember that I said the new album wouldn't be free. Well, it isn't, but it's also not seven dollars, it's only five.

Watch the Album Sampler below to get a sense of what's in the album!

 -- Odd.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Album: X!

Less than a month after my last album, a new one has come out! X is my first album of 2015! See a sampler below, or click on the image above to visit the new album!

Unfortunately, this will be my last free Epic Trax album. From here on out they will be published at the suggested rate on Bandcamp - seven dollars. All Series 1 albums will remain free, however, so that's over 5 hours of free music. In the future I may upload a compilation video five hours long!

Here's to the New Year, and Series 2!

-- OddTillTheEnd.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Album: Enchain!

A new album has been dropped! Enchain is the ninth Epic Trax album, and it's full of new styles and techniques!

Despite having the most depressing title ever given to an Epic Trax album, Enchain includes quite a few upbeat tracks, namely Brighter, Raver, Rower, Slicker, Traveler and Winner. And yes, now there's a track naming convention, for this album only. Odd, I know. It comes with the name.

You can also get a taste of the album by checking out the Album Sampler here!

-- OddTillTheEnd.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Album: Shock!

Click the image to be transported into a magical world with over thirty minutes of brand new tracks!

This album has more experimental tracks, more epic-sounding tracks and more sad tracks because everyone requested it so much, (not). But I made them anyway! It even includes the return of the sorely missed obligatory electronic-themed track!

Download the free album to get a bonus track, Wake, which I promise is worth the effort.